Production of circus theatre shows

Mosaico Errante is a circus-theatre company that creates, produces and tours shows for theatres and festivals with hundreds of dates and hundreds of thousands of spectators all over the world, from Europe to Australia, from South America to the United Arab Emirates. Its shows have performed on prestigious stages such as the Quirino in Rome, the Winter Theater in Sochi (Russia), the Goldoni in Venice, the Princesse Grace in Monte Carlo, the Bellini in Naples, the Gran Teatro Nacional in Lima (Peru), the Duse of Bologna, the Victoria Eugenia of San Sebastián (Spain), the Donizetti of Bergamo and the Verdi of Florence, have been presented in the most important international festivals such as the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe Festivals and have been staged in important events such as the Sziget Festival in Budapest, the MAC in Barcelona, the Kleines Fest in Hannover and Italy at Funambolika, Mirabilia and many others.

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